Breaking Through

It has been a rough and bumpy ride for me. Since returning to the UK from an assignment in West Africa, I have not been able to secure a long term contract. To make matters worse, I have been sat at home for quite a while. Jobs have cropped up here and there, but only for a week or two; and in some cases a couple of days.
Last week found me at EDF Energy in London for a days work, when i got this call..:
Matt.."hey Zulu, how you doing, its Matt from CX"
Zulu…"yeah kool Matt…what can I do for you"
Matt…"Zulu, I have something long term contract for you, something I think you will like"
…at this point I am confused and not too sure what to do. Previous calls from Matt  on similar lines have found my hopes lifted and  smashed all because the role I have applied for has been shelved.
Zulu…"great, thats really great. When do I start?"
Matt…. "can you start tomorrow"
What a Break Through.

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