For the past 4 years, i have been struggling with Asthma every summer. Some summers its good. I breeze through it without having any problems at all. This year, it was my hope that i would be OK and not have to depend on my inhaler. Things took a bad turn last night at my sisters place in North Finchley. Luckly i had my inhaller with me. At work sunday morning, i took things slow, because i wasnt feeling 100% efficient. now on my way home, things nearly got out of hand at Kings Cross Station. I got off the Northern line from Moorgate and swent up the first set of escallators…no problem. Got to the next set..[these are much much longer] and realisewd that they were out of order. Dear me, I said to myself, how are all these holiday makers going to get thier heavy suitcases up the escallator and out of the station. Little did i realise that I too was going to be a victim of the constant cockups london underground present to the average traveller everyday. I got have way up the stairs and i was breathing with a lot of difficulty. A one stage I seriously thought i was going to pass out. However by Gods Grace, I managed to make it to the top and out the station.

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