HomeDock Deluxe – Return to Sender

I recently [to be exact 10 days ago] took delivery of the HomeDock Deluxe system. This device is supposed to enhance the way you interact with your iPOD.

HomeDock Deluxe<

I was quite excited when it arrived via UPS. the chap however said i would need to pay £30 for it. What…!, but i thought shipping was free. Anyway i paid the £30 for it and quick proceeded to set it up. After 20 minutes of unpacking and trying to get the device to work, i was totally disappointed. In the first place, the screen resolution the was displayed on my TV was terrible. Secondly whatever i did, i just couldnt get the device to show movies stored on my iPOD to display on my TV. And now, i have suddenly found out that i cannot get sound from my iPOD into my home entertainment system. So i have packed it up and returning to sender….

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