Zulughana Storms the Silicon Valley of India [Bangalore] – Day 1

I met up with my friend Ola in Bedford, UK and from there we hired a cab to London Heathrow Airport. Our flight finally took off from Heathrow airport at around 10.20pm. Our flight with Sri Lanka Airlines took us on a 9 hour flight to Male for a brief stop and then to Colombo in Sri Lanka. We stopped in Sri Lanka for 2 hours before continuing our journey to Bangalore. We got to Bangalore around 8.30pm. By the time we picked up our suitcase and gone through customs, it was around 9.10pm.

I was totally taken back by what i saw. There were motor bikes and cars ALL over the place. Making our way to find the taxi rank was like finding a mine i a mine field… very dangerous. We finally got called to one side by a cab driver who after our much difficulty in telling him where we wanted to go; he took us to a hotel to spend the night. However, before we managed to get a room in the Hotel, we had to bargain really hard with the agent who was organizing the hotel room for us. For a period of 4 weeks, he wanted to charge us £1000. Little did he know that we also knew how to play his game? Finally we got to an agreement of £400 for a room with air conditioning, room service, and breakfast.

The hotel, Maya Hotel is situated right in the city centre, and only 5 minutes walk away from Enterprise Logic.

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