Present Contract @ BAT Corby and Cambridge

I am now currently working for British American Tobacco at thier Corby and Cambridge sites. With all my other contracts, they have been in London, so all I have had to do was buy a weekly rail card and hop on the train to London. Now [fortunately] its different. I have had to hhire a car, because its just not practical to get a train from where I live to corby or Cambridge for 9.00AM.

Mazda 3 TS Hire Car

The railway system is absolutely killing. Now wonder why we have too many cars on our roads. The public transport system is just not reliable. I went to the national railway site and tried finding out if a train ride from my home location to Cambridge was possible and also how long it would take. Check my findings in the picture below.

National Rail

So, its possible, but for someone who needs to start work at 9.00AM each morning, its not a good idea to catch the train. Anyway, I am currently working between two sites; Corby and Cambridge.

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