My Mission – To Lose Some Weight

Everytime its the same old story. I wake up one morning telling myself that:
1)…I am going to exercise and lose some weight.
2)…I am going to watch [with eagle eyes] what i eat.
3)…I am going to hit my target in say 3 months.
Then what happens? everything is thrown right out the window. you find out that you are back to square one. Well this time its not going to be that way. I am really going for gold this time.

what am I eating?: well in the mornings I have oatmeal. I am currently working at BAT in Corby. They provide free lunch everyday for the staff. The menu isnt fabulous, but it’s good. On most days they serve some form of meat [grilled]. i am Talking about grilled chicken, roast turkey and roast ham. Vegetables are served everyday with lunch, then there is potatoes, fried chips and some other starchy food. What I am going in for is just meat/chicken and vegetables. then in the evening i have salad with steamed fish.

Exercise wise, I either go for an hours power walk or 40 minutes of cycling on my mountain bike. Three times in a week, I lift weights and do some skipping. I hope this is enough to get me back on the road of being super fit.

5 Comments on “My Mission – To Lose Some Weight

  1. Hi Ewiase, thanks for dropping in [again]. The Mission is underway, actually has been for a while, and I am glad to say there are positive results.

  2. hi Zulu, come for a private personal training LOL……..take care and good job

  3. Zulu,

    How is it going my friend, where have you been?
    Lost any pounds lately?

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