This weekend – What I will Be Doing?

Gosh its friday again, and the weekend is with me….yet again. Hmm I feel my week has been somewhat unproductive, but fairly productive….Please dont ask me what that mean..:). I am down in Billingsgate Market in the early hours of Saturday morning, the cutting across London to Harewood Avenue to do some some at BNP Paribas. After that, iI will be making tracks to North Finchley to visit my best friend. I have’nt seen her for a while. She will probably drown me with curses before giving me a brotherly hug :). Hmmm seems i have left out a task for the weekend. Ah better check my tasks in Outlook.

Then there is Sunday. My Niece is heading back to Ghana after spending almost two months with her sister. Time fly’s doesn’t it? Her check in is at 8.00 AM, so we are looking at leave the place for Gatwick around 3.00AM. Don’t be surprised about the early start. I plan of going down the M1, and with the current state of play regarding road works, I certainly do not want to be caught in any surprises.

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