This Goes To Show…..

…how observant some banks can be.

About a year ago, I went into the Moorgate Branch of The Nationwide Bnak to pay my mortgage with a cheque. However, I got the cheque and a nasty letter in the post a week later from the nationwide Bank. The letter started off with “your bank has returned the enclosed cheque to us marked “Refer To Drawer”; and that Nationwide was going to charge me £27.50 for thier troubles. I read the letter, looked at the cheque and read the letter again. I then looked at the cheque again and noticed that I had forgotten to fill i the “pay” section of the cheque. Well I said to myself, facny the bank charging me for a mistake they have made. Afterall it was the responsibility of the cashier to make sure that the cheque was filled out properly before accepting it.

I marched over to the bank [Nationwide] this afternoon, explained things to them, and to my surprise got a cheque of £30 for the mistake they had made…


I am currently working on this bank charges thing. I have sent off my payment for my 6 years recods and waiting for a reply.

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