Say Hello To My Blackberry 8800

Yesterday I walked into The Carphone Warehouse Shop just outside Baker Street Tube Station and got myself a Blackberry 8800. I am now finally fed up with looking for a phone that can do everything. I have come to the conclusion that getting the perfect phone that can perform as a camera, phone, PDA et..etc…is many light years away. After careful thought, I decided to go in for the BB8800.

I am actually surprised by what it packs. Anyway, here is a question that someone might like to answer. I have noticed that you can activate the GPS on the Blackberry and get a map of you location, or even get directions [I havent looked into this properly]. But my question is, are the maps stored on the Blackberry or are they downloaded in realtime to the device.

So after about an hour fiddling about with it, i managed to set it up to download my emails from my POP3 account [] and also from my gmail account []. I am becoming increasingly reliant on emails, and getting that instant access to email is becoming more of a necessity. The Blackberry solves this issue beautifully.

I have also baught a 2GB memory card for it. What I will be doing with that will become evident soon.

The Blackberry 8800

3 Comments on “Say Hello To My Blackberry 8800

  1. The maps are SVG-based and are rendered device-side. There is communication to a server to obtain the data for rendering the maps. But because it’s SVG-based, the amount of data transferred is minimal. Of course, the other downside is that there’s satellite view.

    For comparison purposes, Google Maps is driven by images. Complete images are downloaded to the device and rendered. Of course, this uses more data, but you get the bonus of satellite or hybrid maps.

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