So Smooth Productions

Now this is something all you Hip Hop music overs should go out and buy. This CD is phat. I got my copy from the producer himself, Wayne.
Check this Uptown Record’s website out for ordering and prices. As I said, get a copy, you definately will not be disappointed.

2 Comments on “So Smooth Productions

  1. Yo Joe

    Nuff respect bro, im pleased U like the CD bro n put it on you site, Wicked!!! ;o)

    Thanks again bro


  2. Bad bwoy CD!!!

    These remixes are mega hot, really remixed to a perfection!..To all music lovers & DJs this CD with 22 tracks is a must for your collection, so get buying peeps! I picked up my copy from Dub Vendor Records Clapham, and i hear its in most of the speacialist record stores in London! check it out!

    Go So Smooth Productzions!!!..I anticipate the Part II

    Keep banging those remixes out


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