BAT Globe House, London

Once again, its been a while, but I am glad to say, I am back….

I am currently working for BAT Globe House in London. They have an impressive office just outside the Temple Tube station, overlooking a stretch of the Thames river. I have been working there for about 2 weeks now an totally enjoying it. I am however still looking for that break into the SAP Market. Psst BAT is rolling out SAP HR in November this year.

So to help you get a grip of what the company is about, I took some pictures [as usual]. You ca also jog down to their official website and have a nose around.

Te culture here is more like that i discovered when i was working at BT in Coventry years ago. Once you get in, you stay in. But in the case of BAT, the culture here is rich and vibrant. I supose its becasue BAT has roots in more countries than BT. There is that “rich” mixture of culture across the structure of the company. Amazing.

And who says that there is nothing like free lunch? Welcome to BAT and see for yourself. And then there is Thursdays which has been dubbed “cake day”. Yes, you heard me right. Every thursdays, cakes are put on every floors canteen area. Who would want to resign from a company like this?

Well here are some pictures I took. The quality isnt that good bearing in mind that I used my Sony Erricson K800i to take the pictures.

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