I Have Survived Another Christmas [2007]

Only 8 days before christmas and I was vomiting and having runny tummy like mad. I had gone to work on the monday feeling my normal self and just wanting to get the week over and look forward to christamas with friends, family and relatives. There was the IT Christmas lunch on the 8th floor which I quite enjoyed, but was slightly disappointed with the main menu. Anyway, that wasnt an issue and I was out to enjoy myself as this was my first Christmas at BAT Globe House.

Around 2am I felt a sudden urge to go to the bathroom, just as I got to it, I suddenly let out the contents of my tummy into the toilet. I was at this for about 5 minutes and was in great pain. To make matters worse, I had a runny tummy as well. I called in sick for the tuesday, experiencing the same problems I had the early hours of tuesday, all through tuesday.

Come wednesday, I was totally drained of any energy. I had no appetite for food, and foolishly dragged my self to work. I sat at my desk on wednesday morning trying to figure out what I had ate on monday to create such a turnaround in my state of health. I lookd around me…all the other guys I had gone to the Christmas lunch with didnt seem to be showing any signs of what i was going through. Then it dawned on me what the course of all my suffering was.

On the friday before the weekend, I had gone to the shops to buy a bottle of orange juice. I had left this bottle on my desk over the weekend and come the monday the following week, I had foolishly drunk some of the juice.

By a miracle, I have fully recovered, and learnt my lesson too.

I had a great christmas meal with family, friends and relatives.

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