Chris Rock – Never Scared

Oh Boy…I was going through stuff I have downloaded from Utorrent a while back when I came   across Chris Rock’s “Never Scared”. Since I have been studying most of the day on Exchange Server 2003, I decided to watch it just to break the flow of things. What a laugh, BUT…yes there is a BUT. The guy wasn’t just making jokes, he was talking sense. I like the way he takes everyday situations and brings out the reality in them in the form of a joke.

Here are some comments I came across on the net [thanks guys]

“What Chris Rock sure isn’t scared of is poking fun. Michael Jackson? Easy target. George W. Bush? A snap. Relationships? Oh yes, he goes there too. Read on paper, some bits are seriously funny, while many others would fall flat. But the secret is in the delivery. Rock’s voice, persona and frantic delivery often carry as much meaning as the words themselves. Anger, desperation, and a sense of ridicule all embody his stand-up bits. And admittedly, some of his racy discourse on marriage, sex, men, sex, women, and of course, sex are sure to irk more than a few people. But that’s the point, isn’t it? Walking the fine line…and jumping over it. Sometimes it’s a bit obvious though (eg. “Tip Your Hat To Whitey”)… But perhaps that’s the point as well.
Well, one thing is for sure. Chris Rock was never scared pointing out the absurdity of life and our society – and he sure isn’t about to start.””

“”I always thought Chris Tucker was funnier, I may need to re-think that. Chris Rock is at his finest here. He goes where no other comics dare to go. Michael Jackson, affirmative action, George Bush, marriage, the US government, IRAQ, abortion, rappers. Controversial topics with many f-en-heimers. Serious topics with a very real and funny spin to each one of them. This guy actually makes sense, and is quite intelligent (also very funny, but you already knew that). I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off for 75 minutes, however at times I felt I shouldn’t be laughing (realizing that history was very brutal many years ago). Highly recommended and very hilarious if you don’t mind the foul language. I gave it a 10.””

If you haven’t seen the DVD, and you like Chris Rock, then please go and get.

2 Comments on “Chris Rock – Never Scared

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    The guy sooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!

  2. im going to a chris rock concert on saturday here in ny. i cant wait. i already saw him on new years eve, so i am going to see him again.

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