UBUNTU – Installing your Bluetooth Mouse

I have spent part of this morning installing Ubuntu on an old laptop I have had hiding away. A few weeks ago I was given a Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse and receiver, so I decided to make use of it on my Ubuntu laptop. The laptop picked up the Bluetooth USB stick as soon as I plugged it into a USB port, however no matter how much I tried to pair the mouse to the receiver, i just couldn’t connection. After a couple of minutes searching on the net, I found the solution below:

Re: Bluetooth mouse


I am by no means an expert on this but I do have it working well on mine.. I am using a Planex bluetooth mouse and usb adapter.First make sure you have all the bluez stuff installed.Do a

hcitool scan

To get the MAC addresses of all available devices, if this does not work then you may need to manually load the bluetooth modules, for me they auto-load on insert of the bluetooth device, you can see if the device is detected by checking the kernel messages.

Once you have that do a

sudo hidd --connect XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX

but substituting the MAC address of you’re mouse.

It should just start working at that, since I want it to just work every time I plug the thing in I have edited /etc/default/bluez-utils on the lines

I am sure I left some stuff out, like that the mouse sometimes may not show up on a scan, in which case move it to ensure it is not asleep or press the little connect button on it.Hope it works as well for you as it does for me
Thanks Burkey

4 Comments on “UBUNTU – Installing your Bluetooth Mouse

  1. Thanks-after doing this I just edited /etc/default/bluetooth with gedit and added a line after the HCI junk: and this finds my ms 5000 mouse every boot without having to pair. I’m definitely e newbie at this so I;;m sure this is gross and ungraceful—but it works!! Here is what I added.

    sudo hidd –connect XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX #<—-your MAC address here

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  3. I dig it. This helped, but when I went to etc/default/
    I found that there was no “bluez-utils” directory after that. Do I save my terminal changed and paste the plaintext in this folder? I would appreciate an answer.

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