Get Digsby NOW..!

Digsby is taking over the as the best IM on the internet. I came across it about a week ago. After a day of using it, i immediately uninstalled Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger. I am totally enjoying the product. I used to use Trillian, but one thing i noticed with that was whenever i tried sending a file to a friend who was using the Yahoo IM client, they couldnt receive it. I dont know what the situation stands now in that respect, but i carried a few tests sending files from my Digsby IM client to another person using Yahoo IM client, and it works like a treat.

Digsby IM Client


  • Support for multiple IM networks. Nothing new here. It supports Google, Yahoo, MSN, AIM, ICQ and Jabber.
  • Tabbed conversations. You can chat with multiple buddies with just one window.
  • If your buddy is on multiple IMs, you can merge their accounts into one in Digsby.
  • Your buddy has a weird number in his/her name? Give him an alias.
  • This is the best part. You can have Digsby minimized but new messages will popup and you can reply from within the popup and get back to what you were doing!
  • Setup various alerts for individual buddies like a sound and/or a popup when a friend logs in or logs out.
  • Video/Audio chat using TokBox

I will not say anymore. Download the program, and I will guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Here is the link to Digsby IM website:

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