All In A Days Work

Since becoming an IT contractor many years ago, I have worked for a lot of companies, especially in the city of London,UK. Each day at work has never failed to bring the unexpected. If only I had started documenting the events of my day at work [sigh] earlier on in my IT career. However since it is never too late to start something, I have decided to dedicate a page to the rants and raves of my workplace environment and the things that happen in then.

I suppose the driving force in anyone’s day in a work environment are the people whom you work with or for. I am sure you will agree that there comes a time when you have to work with some real jerks and on the flip side, other times you get to work with some really nice people.

Another determining point of ones day are is your working environment itself. If where you work is pretty much a hell hole, then I suppose your feelings towards work is negative and you embrace your activities at work with a feeling of some rejection.

I wonder how other people in other professions would document their day? Well maybe if you happen to drop by on this blog, you will be kind enough to tell me [us] how your day was at work [not necessarily today, but any other day gone by.

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