I Am Off To Dublin Next Week…….. Day One – Sunday

My flight from Heathrow was uneventful. The flight was delayed by 25 minutes, but hey, in the end we were up in the air and before i noticed the captain was annoucing our arrival into Dublin airport.

I was not expecting the airport to be that small. Mind you I was expecting Dublin to be a big city, but as my driver was telling me on the way to the Hotel, Dublin is a fairly small city. Since joining the EU, there has been a huge influx of workers from Europe currently working here. Everything here looks so different [obviously!].

The driver was kind enough to take me through a quick tour of the city.

I am staying at The Merrion Hotel, which, according to the driver, is located in a very strategic part of town. He adviced me to check out The Temple Bar. My next question to him was “how about the Guiness”. He just laughed and said I should not leave Dublin without sampling the beer. He said if I did leave without sampling the beer I would be doing myself serious harm.

My hotel room is just amazing. As usual, i have taken some pictures of the room and hotel for those interested. Watch out for Day Two log enteries which will have some pictures.

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