I Am Off To Dublin Next Week…….. Day Two – Monday

Monday fond me up bright and early. I had a great night on Sunday. The conference organizer and the Directors Secretary I was supporting took me out to a restaurant about 5 minutes walk from the hotel we were staying in. I think it is called Pebles. The food was absolutely lovely. One thing I learnt about Irish cooking is that they never use frozen fish to cook. Everything is fresh from the sea. I was hoping to have my first pint of genuine Irish Guinness beer, but unfortunately, the restaurant did not serve beer.
Anyway after setting up the conference room with the laptops and projectors needed to the Directors presentation, I took the free time that I had to take pictures around the Hotel. I would just like to mention that the pictures have been taken with a Nokia N95-8G, which is quite impressive.

This building is just across the street from The Merrion Hotel.

The Merrion Hotel – A View From Outside. You wouldnt believe that this
building has such beautiful rooms in it.

The Coffee Lounge At The Merrion.

The conference was setup up in two parts. One room catered for a teleconference meeting, and the other room was for the conference “proper”

BAT Dublin Conference

BAT Dublin Conference Room One

BAT Dublin Conference Room Two

BAT Dublin Conference Room Two

Now I shall show you some pictures of my Hotel room. The one thing that caught my eye as soon as I entered the room was the height of the bed. Not that I am complaining. It was a great bed, absolutely perfect.

My Comfort Zone In My Hotel Room

My Comfort Zone In My Hotel Room

My Entertainment Centre

My Entertainment Centre

The white cabinet on which the flat screen TV is resting on has a fuly loaded drinks bar tucked away in it!

My Bed

My Bed

Also check out the BOSE CD player sitting on the right side of this picture, if I had known, I would have brought some “serious” Smooth Jazz CD’s. The aquality of sound that bashes out of those devices is wicked.

The Bathroom

The Bathroom

OK, so things finally finished off at 7PM and I gathred my IT Kit and made tracks to my room, I was quite tired and was looking forward to an early night. Just as I got to my room, I got a call asking me to be at reception by 9PM. We were all going out for a meal at Johnnies. Now for those of you who are toourist in Dublin and have not been over to Johnnie’s…well, you guys are missing out “big time”.
The drive in a BMW 740 series] took about 35 minutes. I actually went on ahead of everyone else with the conference organizer from Number 20 just to make sure that everything was in place for the Directors when they got there. The joint totally blew me away. It was here I had my first genuine pint of Guinness. Wow, now this is what I call Guinness. I am now sure that the pubs in london dilute their Guinness one way or the other. from now onwards, if I ever have the urge to drink Guinness, I will either fly over to Dublin or have it sent to me by some special means. Check out the pictures taken at Johnnies below.

The Bar

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