I Am Off To Dublin Next Week…….. Day Three – Tuesday

I woke up around 5AM with a splitting headache. I was kind of expecting this invasion of my brain cell with this sort of pain, so I quickly rushed to the bathroom where I had a packet of pain-killers. I went back to sleep immediately and woke up at 6.30AM from my wake up call.
Breakfast was in “The Cellar”. My appetite was huge, as you probably know, from all that alcohol I had been drinking from the night before into the early hours of Tuesday. I quickly finish breakfast and went over to the conference rooms to setup my kit. Tuesday was a short day. The Directors had fishing and golf lined up for them from 3AM onwards, so the Directors Secretary bought me a days pass for a bus tour of Dublin city centre.
I caught the bus from just outside The Merrion and proceeded to take pictures. The bus tour was fabulous. I totally enjoyed it. It was windy as it was an open top bus, and at one point I lost my baseball cap I bought in Bangalore. I was gutted, but found solace in the fact that I became friends with an American Lady called Ebony.

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