Alliance And Leicester Loan Paid Off – My Road To Recovery

Five weeks ago I got the usual untimely call from the Alliance and Leicester bank asking why I had missed a recent payment and when was I going to make my next payment. I asked the chap how much I was owing. From his response, I quickly calculated that if I made two equal payments on the balance I could get rid of the loan I took out with them two years ago. So I asked him if I could send two cheques to cover the balance. The first cheque could be presented immediately for payment, but the other would have to be presented a week later. He said that was fine and that they would send me a letter confirming that the loan had been paid off. I posted the cheques the next day.
Now bearing in mind that this was five weeks ago, at the beginning of this week , suddenly realised that I hadn’t received this letter the bank had promised to send me. A quick glance at my business bank statements showed that they had presented both cheques for payment and had received the money. So why hadn’t they sent the letter. I suddenly became very cross. I called the bank the next day and asked why I hadn’t received the letter they promised me. As usual, I was given some stupid excuse. two days after, I got the letter I should have received three weeks ago.

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