Yes, It Has Been A while.

So, what have been doing since my last post? Only God knows. Ah yes, I have been to another conference at Chewton Glen. This was for 3 days, and I must say, I enjoyed it. LOL, what a thing to say. I always enjoy my conference support trips.
And after Chewton Glen, what have I been doing? Well its been just work, work and more work; oh and lots of studying as well. Yes studying. Dont ask, its a very long story.

So, I was at M3’s crib the weekend gone to visit her. I sent her a text asking where she was and to let her know that I was on my way to see her. I got a reply back telling me that she was in the US. Well I wasnt surprised. She sort of has the habit of flying over to the US whenever she feels like it. Oh well, I said to myself, I might as well pop over anyway and chill out for a while [ I have a spare set of her crib keys].

I made myself some coffee, then took out some sausages from her freezer and grilled them for a light lunch. After taking a short nap, I decided to take back with me some of my clothes I had hanging around. Just before leaving the flat, my eyes set themselves on the picture that was sat on her dining table. Gosh, I just could not make out how long ago it was taken. I fliped it over, and M3 had written on the back “June 1980, Tamale”


Making Tracks Back In Time

Making Tracks Back In Time

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