The Saga Continues, This Time With Justice

So the saga continues between me and my hungry creditor. Even with everything being under control, as in me making regular payments to them, one of them decided to get a court order with respect to my wages…I am not too sure of what the legal term is, and I am too tired to go looking for the piece of paper that will tell me what it is called. Anyway, I got this nasty bit of paper from the courts saying that one of my creditors wanted to seek a judgement on my earnings (or something of the sort) and that I should list my incoming and outgoing. At that point I was just about to chuck the bit of paper in the shredder…”what now” I said to myself…”do they want my blood as well”.
Out of patience, I filled in the form and sent it off. A week slowing went into two weeks of not hearing back, and then about ten days ago, I got another letter from the county court asking me to give them my employers current address before a certain date, by a certain time. I quickly faxed a copy of the document to my debt management agency seeking advice. My agent advised me to go to the county court and give my address to the judge (now this is where my agent has really pissed me off…read on and you will find out why). When I got to the county court, I was informed by the clerk that there was no need of me coming over and that I could have easily telephoned them to give the details of my address.
Three days ago, I got a letter from the county court (with a copy addressed to my creditor) saying that I was to pay the twenty quid a week till further notice. I just could not believe what I was reading…after all the hassle these guys had gone through just to get a litre of blood out of me, the tables had turned…Why? because I was already paying them one hundred and fifteen quid a month…Do the maths!

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