My Apple Mac Book Pro 15″

So after many years of yearning for one, I finally took the plunge and got myself  an Apple Mac Book Pro.

Seven days on, and I am loving this laptop. My question(s) to myself were/was, why the hell didn’t I get one of these years ago. I must have been nuts not to see how cool Apple laptops could be.

I must admit, I had several initial issues. One was moving my Outlook email saved PST files to Entourage. After several days of trolling through the net for a solution, I finally came up with one that suggested buying the software “O2M”. Then there was that of finding applications that  I used the my windows platform, but didn’t have them for the Apple mac. Obviously I didn’t want to go out and purchase these applications, so a friend at work who is a serious Apple Macbook user told me what to do. The solution was in

Today found me at the Apple Store in Milton Keynes for a one hour workshop on navigating around the Macbook Pro. The Apple Store MK is definitely new, because I do not remember it being there  three years ago. Mind you, I have not been to MK for quite a while now.

The Apple Store MK

The Apple Store MK

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