My Study – An Update

My Apple Macbook Pro survived a terrible accident two weeks ago. How it survived this accident without a scratch – only God knows, however I do know that had it been any other make of laptop, it would have been in bits.

Shortly after installing an additional shelves in my study, I was, one evening reading in my study, when two shelves I had put came about a week ago suddenly came off the wall and onto my desk. My 22″ Samsang monitor was instantly crashed under the weight of the books that landed on it. Amazingly, my Apple Macbook Pro that was on the desk next to the monitor did not suffer any damage at all. Not even a scratch.
Below is are pictures I took using using my Blackberry 9700.

Anyway, I called my insurance company the next day and put in a claim for the damaged monitor. Two days later I got my replacement screen. I was sent a LG Flatron W2246S. Initially I was a bit dubious about the make and model. After setting it up and taking it for a test run, I was satisfied with what I was given.

My Replacement LG W2246S Flatron Monitor

The second time round, I made sure that the job was going to be done properly. With the help of my next door neighbour, I got the right drill and screws. The shelves have been put back up again and very much secure now.


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