Just Thought I should Mention….

Sunday morning found me in Birmingham City Centre doing a bit of site-seeing. I did not have any plans in mind, just to wonder around really and see how much the City Centre had changed. Roughly 5 years ago, I was working at KPMG on their XP rollout Project. The rollout kicked off at their Birmingham offices and then rolled on to other offices in various parts of the UK.
My first stop was at BHS, where I got a refund for a pair of shorts that were bought for me on my birthday. Just a few paces outside BHS, there were a group of street dancers doing their own thing. I stood there for a while, watching them, and managed to take some pictures using my iPhone. Two days earlier, I had purchased Camera+ from the Apple APPS Store. Check out the creator of Camera+ website at MostlyLisa. Check out her website. There is also the chance to win some serious camera kit.

Quoted from http://mostlylisa.com/:


I just wanted to let everyone, especially budding photographers, about this ridiculous promotion we are doing for Camera+  to win my dream camera rig (valued at over $10,000).

It will physically hurt me to give this amazing gear away, but they are making me… boo hiss.

So, my final stop before heading back to Erdington – that is where Naadu lives – was the Apple Store. It is amazing how these Apple Stores have been designed; so appealing. Personally I could spend the whole day in one of those stores and never get bored. I desperately needed an external monitor adaptor for my 2010 Apple Macbook Pro. I initially tried getting one from the Apple Store on The Strand in London, however to my surprise, I was told that they had run out of stock. I was totally gutted. Anyway, I managed to get one from the Birmingham Store and I am loving it.

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