My Recent trip To Ghana – In Pictures

After a 4 week trip to Ghana; last year from the 27th of October to the 27th of November, I found myself having to go back this year from the 1st of January to the 27th. This time, I took with me my christmas present – my Finepix s1800 – bought for me by Naadu. My trip wasn’t one of a holiday, but rather to use the time to get urgent things sorted out. Hence my expectations as to taking loads of picture did not quite materialise. Although I tried to take the camera with me almost everywhere I went, I found myself forgetting on most occasions that I even had a camera in my rucksack.

But all was not lost. On the days that I did remember that I had a camera in my rucksack, i managed to take some pictures. I am still trying to find my way round the camera; as in what settings I should be using etc, so if the pictures are not that great, then my being a novice explains why.

Jokers Night Club - Labadi

This picture was taken in the afternoon around 4PM in front of the Jokers Night Club


One Man Roofing Contractor : It amazing what you can get way with in some countries. This guy is working on a roof structure without a safety helmet or even safety boot. And check out the hammer stuffed into his back pocket…Classic!


Personalized Number Plate

Personalised Number Plate


Trying To Keep It All In  – Ghana Style : Wow, nothing is left behind!


Confusng Circle Sign

Confusing Sign Board Positioned At Kwame Nkrumah Circle (Popularly Known As Circle)


Enjoying Quality Steet Chocolate

A Friend : Enjoying a bit of Quality Street Chocolate from the UK


Blogodo Road Nyaniba Estates

Blogodo Road, Nyaniba Estates, Accra. Ghana : It is hard to believe that many years ago this stretch of road you are seeing used to be a proper road. Now all the surface layer has been stripped  and all that is left is brown soil


Construction In Ghana

Construction in Ghana (whatever form) has always been of some interest to me.


Not All Taxi Passengers Are Human Beings

When transporting things in Ghana, any means and every means is used to move items from one place to another.

Effia Kuma Kids Enjoyng

Kids on the streets in Takoradi – Effia Kuma Estates

Whisky The Talking Parrot

Whisky, The Talking Intelligent Parrot

Cynthia's Banku and Stew

Cynthia’s Mouthwatering Banku And Stew. God Bless Cynthia!

Peugeot 403 For rent

Mint Condition Peugeot 403 For Rent.

Peugeot 403 For Rent

Location: Ring Road, Near Labone Junction, Accra. Ghana.



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