Nightmare On Blogodo Road – 09/04/2011 Update

So my first post on this topic was to break those of you who read the post into what has happened so far. This post and subsequent others will represent updates to my quest to remove an ungrateful and “crafty” tenant from my property.

Four weeks ago, on my way from Heathrow Airport, I got a call from Ms Massoud. In the process of her telling me the reason for her call, she suddenly mentioned that her units were going to run out and that I should ring her back. I told her in not too many words to get lost. Anyway, the phone went dead and after roughly five minutes, she called back. I told her that I was driving and that she should call me back in two hours time.

To cut a long story short, Ms Massoud said she had her personal furniture in the main building and would like to collect them. I expressed surprise at this and mentioned to her that when I initially told her that she wasn’t going to get an extension on her tenancy agreement, why didn’t she make arrangements earlier on ti have these things removed? There was an immediate silence there. I further went on to say that if she wanted her stuff, then she would have to list those items for me, I would then forward that list to my lawyer and the matter would then be taken from there.

The next point I raised with her, whiles I had her on the phone was what her plans were as to restoring the out-building to how it was, being that she had done an extension on it without my prior knowledge or agreement. I pointed out to her that I would be expecting her to put the house back to its original state.

Since my last telephone conversation with Ms Massoud, I have since got a call from my tenants wife telling me that Ms massoud has been in contact with her and wanted to remove her personal effects from the main building…including the electricity meter! Now check this out. In the course of their conversation, Ms Massoud told my tenants wife that she had already spoken to me regarding the collection of her items from the main building and that I had given her the go ahead….I hope this gives you an idea of the type of person I am dealing with.

I have:
1. Sent a full report to my lawyer
2. Sort the assistance of a third party to act on my behalf in Ghana.  I have scanned and email a signed letter of authorisation to the third party to present to Ms Massoud.
3. Called Ms Massoud and informed her that her three month period allowed as per my notice to her to vacate the premises (to which a copy was lodged to the Rent Control Offices in Accra) was up and that I was sending a representative this coming friday (15th) to collect the keys off her. Please note that her answer to this was “OK”.

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