Nightmare On Blogodo Road 16/04/2011 Update

Well I suppose nothing is going to surprise me now, not even after this episode which happened yesterday as per report from Ms Nimoh. Just to remind you, Ms Nimoh is now has been appointed by me to look after my interest regarding the eviction of Ms F Massoud from the outhouse she is now occupying.

This is how events unfolded prior to the 15 of this month. On the 12th, which was a Tuesday, I sent a text to Ms F Massoud informing her that I engaged the services of Ms Nimoh, and that she would be contacting her in due course regarding the collection of her items from he main building. I then got a text back from Ms Massoud wanting to know the address of Ms Nimoh as the name Ms Nimoh didn’t mean anything to her. I fired off a reply telling her that Ms Nimoh would be coming with a letter of authority from me giving her the permission to act on my behalf. Anyway, Ms Nimoh then calls Ms massoud to inform her that she will be at F515/4 Blogodo Road to collect the keys to the outhouse (Ms Massoud’s 3 month notice ended on the 5th of April).

Come the 15th of April, Ms Nimoh drives to F515/4 very early in the morning and parks her car further down the road from the house. She then calls Ms Massoud and informs her that she will be at the house at the appointed time of 9AM. Roughly ten minutes after putting the phone down, Ms Massoud emerges from the house. Ms Nimoh got out of her car, approached her and said she had come a little bit early and wold like both of them to sit down to proceed with the mission at hand. Ms Massoud refused saying that as a time was agreed upon she wasn’t prepared to meet before the appointed time. Fair point. Where Ms Massoud was off to, only God knew, but we will soon find out. At 09:39AM, Ms Massoud arrives back to the house in a taxi, with another man and a woman. The man, who later identified himself as a police man, had a letter in his hand to be given to me (via Ms Nimoh). The letter was from the Rent Control office, dated on the 12th of April. Ms Nimoh refused to accept the letter from her as she argued that she had no issue with the police and didn’t se why the geezer was handing her a letter. So the letter was given back to Ms Massoud who handed over  to Ms Nimoh. In a nutshell, the letter from the Rent Control stated the Ms Massoud was being evicted and even though she hadn’t been given enough notice and that Ms Nimoh was to go the the Rent Control Offices on Tuesday the 19th of April.

So guys, this is how things stand now. I called Mr Devine immediately after the update from Ms Nimoh. Mr Devine is my contact in Ghana who assisted me draft a 3 month notice letter to Ms Massoud, and had a copy of the letter filled at the Rent Control Office in Accra. As per his advice, I handed her a copy on the 5th of January 2011, in the presence of two witnesses. It will be interesting to see what emerges from Ms Nimoh’s trip to the Rent Control on Tuesday.

At this point, I would like to ask if any of you reading this post have had any experience in evicting a tenant from your property; or even know of anyone who has gone through the process and have by so doing gained some experience in this whole process.

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