All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Life can work its charm on you. When that happens, you feel so good with yourself. Your day is just a breeze and you do not have a care in the world. Even in such a situation, you are prepared for what is thrown at you, because you do not expect the “totally unexpected”. However I must admit, other people have confessed that there comes a moment when you get a nasty slap on the face. A slap which, no matter how hard you attempt to deflect it or take the hit, knocks you right off your feet.

Saying this brings me on to the next bit. This is out of a simple question. How prepared should one be from the moment they awake up from bed till when they lay down to sleep. You think or to say, imagine, that you have seen it all. However there is just that occasion, totally unexpected, that slaps you in the face and completely slams you the  ground. Your reaction? Total disbelief. Your comeback? Several hours after. Your after thought[s]? That is for you to decide. This occurrence would not be from a stranger, but from someone whom you thought you knew. Someone whom you thought you got on well with, not exactly a friend or family member. If that were the case, then I should think you could handle it much better. It has been said that people are funny, meaning – as I would decipher it as — you cannot successfully analysis a person or even think that you know someone that well. Somewhere along the paths that you both travel and happen to link, you will find out about the bad side of this person. Actually bad side is too strong a definition, I would say “the unexpected or the unimaginable”.

Their have been times when I have read about people blatantly being accused of something they haven’t done, and you can see on the other side of the picture the accused strongly denying any knowledge of the charges being shoved his/her way. Of course these are like day to day issues that you have probably come across in real life or from watching a TV show. You do not take much notice of it because, hey its just one of those things and also it has never happened to you, so you say to yourself “who gives a rat arse”.

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