ETA – 12/03/2013 – My Sony Xperia Z

I have been on the look out for a new mobile phone for a while. At one point I decided that I would go for a Nexus 4 once my current contract with O2 came to an end. As I already have a Nexus 7 Tablet, and after looking at a lot of reviews on the Nexus 4; I concluded that the Nexus 4 would be a sensible replacement to my iPhone.

Then comes along the Sony Xperia Z, which totally blew me away. This mobile phone was actually introduced to my by my friend Ola Ajayi. After several days of him hounding me to check out the reviews on Youtube, I finally gave up to him to his nagging and headed to Youtube to watch as many reviews I could on this phone. I was totally blown away. Unbelievable. My conclusion…Sony has set the mark for what a mobile phone should be. Holy Macroni. The iPhone does not even come close. The Nexus 4 does not even see the trail the Sony Xperia leaves behind. As the rest of the other mobile phones out there – they can just forget it.

I am [or I should say, I as] a strict Apple Fan. I am still hocked to their laptops, but my love for their phones has seriously dwindle over the past year. As a result, I have jailbroken my iPhone 4S so that I can get more functionality out of it. But even jailbreaking does not provide me with the satisfaction I need from the iPhone. The question is, why does one need to Jailbreak a iPhone just to make it work?

So what do I expect from the Sony Xperia? Check out the Youtube video and draw your own conclusions.  

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