Still Alive And Kicking

It has been some hectic months gone by hence my inactivity on my Blog. A change in jobs which required more of my time has not made it possible for me to spend the requited time here in… Read More

My Nexus 7 – Absolutely Loving It.

So after several years of toying with the idea, an opportunity struck and I took the plunge and acquired a Nexus 7 for myself. Let us say it was a Christmas gift to myself. After all, one never gets what they wish… Read More

A Tale To Tell – A Childs Story Of His Epic Trip “back” To Ghana

The news came to me all of a sudden. There was no warning, nothing in the actions of my mother in the days that had gone by that this was coming. After breakfast, she calmly said to me… Read More

Yes, It Has Been A while.

So, what have been doing since my last post? Only God knows. Ah yes, I have been to another conference at Chewton Glen. This was for 3 days, and I must say, I enjoyed it. LOL, what a… Read More